Efforts and Products

Why are smartphones in the 21st century yet hospitals feel like they're stuck in the 1980s? We decided to change things by demonstrating how things can indeed be better. We took our collective medicical training, engineering knowledge, and best practices from fast industries and started prototyping. Our areas of interest are diagnostic imaging and hospital workflows. We took the most interesting and bleeding-edge health tech 2.0 ideas, spec'd and prototyped them out, and are working with hospitals to actually use them in the field. Cat classifiers are great, but lets get to real-life (and death) use-cases.

Medicine is a beast. Regulation and organizational inertia will always exist, but it doesn’t need to impede progress. We're here to make sure everything else is ready to go. We know how to get things done. Industry know-how + best-of-breed technology solutions = a win for patients. We operate on the periphery to make progress without invasive enterprise hospital projects. Our efforts include:

Deep Diagnosis

Deep Diagnosis

Machine Learning driven diagnosis is the future. We're writing the classifiers for automated segmentation, condition scoring, and eventually automated diagnosis.

Continuous Triage

Continuous Scoring

Your annual physical exam should not be annual, it should be continuous with every interaction that generates data. We have Live Inferencing tools for continuous risk scoring based on EMR streams.

Risk Model Scoring

Risk Model A/B Scoring

We automatically report performance on predictive models per eventual outcomes. Take risks with your modeling ideals, not with patient health.

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